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All the features in JustDispatch.Me make this platform run efficiently and intelligently. This platform is the best of the best out of all the dispatch platforms out there. You get everything you want in one simple platform without having any hassles.

  • Simple/User Friendly Interface

    JustDispatch.Me has an easy to use interface that helps you run your business with full functionality. Everything is simple for you to manage without any difficulty.
  • Management

    Business Finances:
    You are able to manage your income and expenses all in one area. Keep up with the amount of money going in and out of your business without the help of receipts.

    For all of your users, set the permissions you want each user to have.

    Keep track of all the technicians/companies in your business with our easy to use management system.
  • Paperless Environment

    Say goodbye to countless streams of paper and hello to an online cloud. Manage all of your important papers in one place at one time.
  • Quality Scheduling

    Build your schedule the way you want and how you want based on the various locations of jobs.
  • High Tech Invoicing System

    Create, track, and save your invoices for future references in your business.
  • Intelligent Mobile App

    Use this platform everywhere you go to keep track of your business. You can check your account on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Phone/Email Support

    If you have a question or need help with something, contact our technicians or support line. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
  • Customizable Calendars

    Customize the calendars for you and your technicians when jobs are displayed for a particular area.
  • Access to Dispatching Jobs

    The jobs are shown within the interface. When a job is open, the technicians/companies have full access to this section.
  • Complete Job/Account History

    View your account history after every activity to see what has been done for your business day by day.
  • Unlimited Users/Multiple Logins

    Allow multiple users to be added under each employee’s section.
  • Reports

    - Based on Technicians
    - Based on Companies
    - Based on Locations
    - Based on Income
    - Based on Company Trends